Inspire Start features ‘Starting A-Star Sports’

The start-up story of A-Star Sports now features on – Inspire Start finds ‘the most exciting, innovative and creative companies and asks them for their inspiration, start up stories and advice’.

As well as the history of A-Star Sports from October 2011 to the present time, co-founders Gary and Sharon Bassett gave their advice to others considering starting a business:

“Work closely with experienced professionals in the franchising industry (from franchise development specialists to legal advisors) to make sure that you offer an evidence-based business proposition that is practically, legally and ethically sound. Being a member of an organisation like the British Franchise Association can also illustrate your intention and passion to support and deliver the best franchise businesses that you can. Most importantly, make sure you have fun along the way! Being passionate about what you do and making the time to enjoy it can give you valuable momentum to overcome any challenge.”

Inspire Start featuring A-Star Sports

The article also featured the free eBook ‘Building your business profile – 100 tips’, developed by Gary and Sharon Bassett for Small Business Saturday.

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