Let’s move – it’s free!

‘Now we move’ recently wrote about the ‘Inactivity Time Bomb’ (an ISCA / Cebr report on The Economic Cost of Physical Activity in Europe), showing some startling statistics:

– Lack of exercise contributes to diseases that cost Europe over 80 billion Euros every year;

– A quarter of European adults are insufficiently active;

– The direct cost of treating inactivity-related disorders is over €9 billion per year;

– Physical inactivity is the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality.

‘Now we move’ further said:

“Within a few decades, physical inactivity has become one of the leading risks to European citizens’ well-being and a growing challenge for European economies. But despite increasing evidence of dramatic health and economic costs associated with physical inactivity, we still lack sufficient initiatives to reverse this negative trend.”

So, let’s get moving! Just like the kids we coach, quite often a key reason for us grown-ups not to get active is the fun factor.  That’s why we need to pull together and find activities that we can enjoy as families.  On our free resources page, you can find our Star Chart Challenge, our Ultimate Frisbee Challenge and, if you’re thinking of organising a fabulous activity-packed get-together, there’s even some great tips in our Parent’s Guide to Hosting a Children’s Birthday Party – who says it needs to be a party, you can use some the same tips for small events?!?!

You can read more about the difference that activity for periods of just 20 minutes a day can make or find out more on Twitter #InactivityTimeBomb:

And you can find lots of suggestions here to get moving and have fun :)

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