Free frisbee eBook for fun physical activity

With the support of UK Ultimate and mi fitness directory, the kids at A-Star Sports spent the start of the year engrossed in frisbee activities, not only to encourage physical activity over and above weekly class attendance (those at participating franchises were given a free foldable frisbee) but also to involve wider family members and the great outdoors, too.

Here are some comments from local families on just how much fun family sport can be:

“Gustav spent so much of his holiday playing outside with his frisbee that the washing machine couldn’t keep up with the constant dirty trousers! Frisbee also goes to school with Gustav every day – wish I could say that about books and homework…and, to top it off, it came skiing with us!” (M. Worboys)

“My two children are still playing with their foldable frisbees – as well as frisbee, several other made-up games including fastest re-folding!” (B. Mortell)

The free eBook is available for all to download on our free resources page.