Interview with Helen Keeling – Founder of Support through Sport UK

Interview with Helen Keeling – Founder of Support through Sport UK:


Find out what inspired Helen Keeling to set up a sports charity and why she thinks sport has such an important role to play in our lives.

Helen is an A-Star Sports advisor and with such common ground in our mission and values A-Star Sports has become a partner organisation of Support through Sport UK.

Helen says: “Support through Sport UK really recommends that children are given the chance to ‘find their sport’ and, hence, if your child is aged between two and 10, then we think that the A-Star Sports weekly classes and holiday clubs (which give children the skills needed for ten core sports) are a fantastic starting point for their sporting lives. Once they pass the age of ten, we then recommend that you and they find out about the sports clubs for young people in your local areas via the Support through Sport UK website. Support through Sport UK wholeheartedly concurs with A-Star Sports’ long-term aim for: ‘children to proactively choose sport as a positive part of their lives through individual pursuits, junior clubs and beyond’ and together we believe that we can help to realise that aim.”