Outdoor summer fun

Our friends at Redshed are sharing some great tips on:
Summer Fun: Cool Hacks for a Stress-Free Outdoor Party

From keeping bug-free, having cool drinks and maintaining food stations to setting up party tables, playing music and adding that extra bit of fun!

Here are some of our favourite hacks:

  • To shoo bugs away, cut lemons in half, mix them with cloves, and put them in martini glasses. Put one glass on each table to drive those insects away;
  • Instead of plain ice, you can use frozen fruits such as berries. This way, your drinks won’t get watered down. Not only that, the fruits add an extra oomph to your drinks!;
  • For chopped fruits and salads, put each serving in nicely-printed individual plastic cups. To make things much cooler, you can use ice cream cones or nacho cups as edible fruit salad containers!;
  • If you want your party to be fun and memorable, serve it with good music. Take out those dusty records and bring life to the party!  To amplify your phone, you can place it in a glass or cup.

For even more ideas on the extra fun bit, try some of the games in our free resources, such as the activities in the Star Chart and Ultimate Frisbee Challenges :)

Have a great summer!!

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