Free resources

Our free resources currently include:

  • The ultimate frisbee challenge
  • A parent’s guide to hosting a children’s birthday party

Star Chart Challenge

The Star Chart Challenge provides children and families with motivation and fun ideas to set goals and record active achievements by earning physical activity and healthy living stars. One to five stars can be earned each time a physical activity is completed or healthy living option chosen to complement it.

This eBook contains fun examples of how stars can be earned but these are just examples—you can use these as a guide to create your own games and activities, too.  Your goals can range from 30 to 90 stars and you can celebrate with a certificate of achievement at the end.  Download the ‘Star Chart Challenge’ eBook (pdf).  Download the Star Reward Chart (pdf).

Star Chart Challenge eBook cover   Star Reward Chart_front   Star Reward Chart_back

This eBook has been produced in partnership with our charity partner Support through Sport UK.

The ultimate frisbee challenge

Ultimate Frisbee ChallengeThe ultimate frisbee challenge is an A-Star Sports eBook developed in partnership with UK Ultimate and mi fitness directory, featuring ten frisbee games and activities for children that can be played at home with family and friends, including the three peaks challenge.  Download ‘The ultimate frisbee challenge’ (pdf)

If you’d like to know more about A-Star Sports classes in your local area, pop along to our ‘Find a local class’ page.

A parent’s guide to hosting a children’s birthday party

Paren't Guide to hosting a children's birthday party e-bookAs professional party organisers, we’re often asked at A-Star Sports for our handy hints and tips on how to create the most memorable, enjoyable and stress-free event.  With a view to answering frequently asked questions and providing the best advice that we can, we’ve come up with 12 steps to a fabulous party experience.  Download ‘A parent’s guide to hosting a children’s birthday party’ (pdf).

If you’re thinking of having an A-Star Sports party then check out your local area page for more details and don’t forget our free printables to add a little extra.