PRESS RELEASE: Successful franchise Organic Digital brings its skills to bear to help another fast-growing franchisor

Franchisors of the world unite! That’s what’s happening as successful and rapidly expanding A-Star Sports turned to another successful and rapidly expanding franchise, Organic Digital, for assistance with maximising its internet impact.

And together, in this vitally important year of the London Olympics, the two franchisors are helping to transform the world of high quality sports coaching for children across the UK.

A-Star Sports provides a fun-filled multi-sports experience for children aged 2-10 years, offering inclusive, developmental coaching in a positive environment that begins with an initial ABC-based programme (agility, balance and co-ordination) and develops into ten core sports.

It turned to Organic Digital, the award-winning web design and digital marketing agency and member of the British Franchise Association (bfa), to enhance its web presence and get the digital message about its activities to a wider audience.

The Glasgow-based company, which provides bespoke web design, internet marketing and search engine optimisation to the independent and SME sector, has built an impressive client portfolio ranging from large corporations to small start-up businesses.

As well as its bfa membership, it has just reported its best first quarter ever in 2012 and is planning to take on three more staff to speed up its expansion strategy.

The company also specialises in app development, branding and design, website management, digital signage, email marketing and ecommerce development. The business has also added the increasingly popular QR Code – pointing mobile devices at a bar code-like design to lead to a web page – to the already impressive product range.

Sharon Bassett, co-founder and director of A-Star Sports, said: “A vibrant, exciting and informative web presence is absolutely vital in the growth stages of a company, especially one dealing with families who are digitally literate.

“Organic Digital has demonstrated with its wide-ranging client list that it knows exactly what it takes to create the right sort of impact in the crowded world of the internet and press all the right buttons for successful brand development.”

Organic Digital managing director Graeme Kerr said: “Since we have recently embarked on a successful franchising expansion strategy, we were uniquely placed to understand A-Star Sports’ franchising drive and to guide its direct marketing effort in the right direction.

“A large percentage of franchising success is down to getting your name and your reputation out there where people can easily access it and understand what you are all about. A-Star Sports is clearly a company with a strong focus and we have been delighted to be of assistance to another franchisor.”

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