Poetry in motion – our very own Steven Cairney!

A wonderful poem about our very own Steven Cairney (Dundee & Angus) has been written by customer and poet Helen Reuter.  With Helen’s kind permission, the poem is reproduced here for everyone to enjoy.
Mr Steven Smelly Socks
An A-Star Sports party begins when the children arrive in their frocks.
Steven tells them his name is Mr Steven Smelly Socks.
He brings balls and hoops and invents numerous games.
He holds every child’s attention, remembering names.
He’s a party genius, a party magician.
He can turn a frown into a smile faster than anyone can.
He can turn tears into laughter, the reluctant to brave.
Everyone joins in when Steven says ‘wave’.
He can turn a cautious child to a happy one faster than most.
He has the comedy timing of a chat show host.
He can roar like a lion, stand tall as a bear.
He even has time to adjust a child’s flyaway hair.
After the snack he gets the parachute out.
Throws on little balls and the children excitedly shout.
Everyone listens when he says ‘touch your toes’.
He’s Mr Steven Smelly Socks, as everyone knows.
Helen Reuter
Reproduced with kind permission of the poet, Helen Reuter.

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