Daily exercise ‘significantly improves pupils’ test scores’ – Telegraph

Daily exercise ‘significantly improves pupils’ test scores’ – Telegraph:

The Telegraph today reports that Dr Sigman, a psychologist and author, insists ‘…physical activity [is] key to “reducing pupils’ waist size while increasing their brain size’. Previous research has suggested that almost nine-in-10 children fail to get the 60 minutes of daily exercise recommended for a good health and a third complete less than an hour each week.

This is surrounded by concerns about lifestyles becoming increasingly sedentary with the TV, internet and games consoles playing a larger part in the lives of our younger generations.

The WSFF (Women’s Sport & Fitness Foundation) has a new campaign called ‘She Moves’ designed to support more women to move more. It’s so important to engage with these campaigns to encourage us to provide more active role models for the children in our lives. For all members of the family, there are also some fantastic ideas from Change4Life.

Let’s get moving!!