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A-Star Sports partners

A-Star Sports partners are organisations who share our vision.  The A-Star Sports vision is to make sport as enjoyable as possible for young children and we are committed to opening up new avenues to ensure it is accessible for all abilities, helping to develop well-rounded children who enjoy healthy activity.  As a result, we work together with a number of like-minded organisations to encourage and support children and families in their sporting journeys.

Support through Sport UK

Given that our long term aim is for children to proactively choose sport as a positive part of their lives through individual pursuits, junior clubs and beyond, we have joined forces with Support through Sport UK in order to help families make the transition from the A-Star Sports programme into local clubs that are as passionate as we are in encouraging children, young people and adults to enjoy sport for life.


Founded by Helen Keeling in June 2012, Support through Sport UK is a charity that believes sport has the power to improve lives.

More specifically, Support through Sport UK believes that sport can:

  • give focus and purpose
  • build confidence and self-esteem
  • foster relationships
  • provide an outlet
  • be great fun
  • alleviate negative emotions
  • promote good health

With Helen’s vision, Support through Sport UK was created to:

  • raise awareness of the many sporting opportunities that exist across the UK – including those for young people, disabled people, older people, women and those who are looking to use sport to help them rehabilitate;
  • encourage local Community Workers to link up with local sports coaches / leaders and vice versa to promote the use of sport to help people who are faced with adversity;
  • profile and raise awareness of inspiring sporting charities and initiatives that use sport for social good;
  • profile inspirational sporting events;
  • link with successful sportsmen and women to understand how sport helped them and to learn about the many sport for social impact schemes they’re supporting;
  • conduct in-depth sports club profiles;
  • raise awareness of some of the more unusual sports to get involved in;
  • raise awareness of the various companies that supply bespoke sports equipment for younger athletes, disabled athletes, older athletes and other specialist areas.

For children graduating from the A-Star Sports programme and considering clubs that can offer well-matched opportunities to take part and play (both socially and competitively), Support through Sport UK is a valuable resource. Sharon Bassett, A-Star Sports co-founder, says: “A-Star Sports and Support through Sport UK are ideal partners to link families with the diverse clubs and initiatives throughout the UK that offer opportunities for juniors and beyond. It is only by working together that we can create and highlight the longer term choices available for everyone and support people in finding the right sporting path for them.”

Find out more about Support through Sport UK and their 1,000+ registered clubs.

Read more about Helen Keeling and her role as an A-Star Sports advisor.


DodgeHub is about ‘everything dodgeball’. It’s an online space for the international dodgeball community and is dedicated to showcasing the latest competition results, club information and tactical discussions, as well as providing straightforward information about dodgeball in local areas and beyond.

The site was founded and is managed by committed dodgeball players, including Brett Koenig and Alex Harrison from the England Lions.

Brett explains: “Dodgehub is about celebrating a truly international sport, which is played across the globe by children as well as adults both socially and at competition level. With regional, university, national and international leagues, it’s increasingly a sport that children can start playing at primary level and participate in for many years both as a player and a spectator.”

In 2013, children from A-Star Sports supported the European Dodgeball Championships as ball returners and participated in the demonstration matches with key international players. A-Star Sports co-founder Sharon Bassett reflects on the event: “The Championship organisers and players – including Brett and Alex – were so inspirational to the children, inviting them to be country mascots, join in the team talks, learn new strategies for their own games and build enthusiasm for long term participation like never before. Even the referees were happy to be grilled on the rules! Dodgeball and its ambassadors make sport fun, accessible and truly rewarding at any level.”

A-Star Sports and the DodgeHub team will be working together to provide free resources for families and widen access to, participation in and enjoyment of ‘everything dodgeball’.

Find out more about Dodgehub and visit the Dodgehub store.