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Alex Harrison

From Gloucester in South West England, Alex Harrison started playing UKDBA Dodgeball at 18 whilst studying at Warwick University.  He currently plays for and coaches the England Lions, and has a hat-trick of both European Championships and Home Nations titles to his name following recent success at the 2013 Home Nations tournament in Chester.  Alex is also one of the most successful players in the domestic UK game, winning both the UK National Championships and the University Championships over three consecutive years with the Warwick Warriors.

“I am delighted to have been asked to become an ambassador for A-Star Sports and be part of a multi-sports programme that gives children the opportunity to experience different sports from a young age and explore them in a really positive way.

“Since my schooldays, I have enjoyed many different sports, especially cricket and football and have joined local clubs for each of them. I think it is vitally important to instil in children an enjoyment of sport as part of a healthy lifestyle and the A-Star Sports coaches have an excellent way of doing this.

“Through A-Star Sports I want to try to pass on my enthusiasm for sport to the next generation in the hope that they can get as much satisfaction, reward and genuine team spirit out of their activities as I have.

“Sport has a fundamental part to play in maintaining good health, increasing activity levels and developing valuable life skills. Sport develops the whole person, and I think that is a message which is worth passing on.”

See Alex and the England Lions in action at the Dodgeball Six Nations:

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