Children learn with a smile and have a pride in themselves for their achievement

We’re very proud of the fun and positive development that children experience on the A-Star Sports programme and Sports Xtra courses. To maintain high standards (of content as well as fun!) and to keep up-to-date with the latest news and research in physical activity, sport and coaching, our programme development strategies are enhanced by the involvement of expert advisors.

Our advisors have experience in the national governing bodies of sports, as PE specialists and teachers, as child psychologists and authorities in child behaviour management, as well as business, partnership and sports management professionals who support us in making valuable links in the journey to fulfil our vision.

Greg Coburn

Greg Coburn, a coaching specialist, has celebrated positions as a former Rangers goalkeeping coach, a member of the Scottish national volleyball squad, the manager of the West Scotland team for the School Games in 2009 and Team Lanarkshire boys’ volleyball team at the International Children’s Games (ICG) in 2011. The ICG is recognised by the International Olympics Committee and believed to be the largest gathering of young people taking part in sport. Currently a PE teacher at Carluke High School and working with a top university on his coaching passion, Greg continues to pursue his interest in positively engaging children in sport and opening up opportunities for a lifetime of engagement, especially through his commitment to coach education.

Helen Keeling

Helen Keeling is the founder of Support through Sport UK, a charity with the belief that sport has the power to improve lives. On top of a career as a statistician and analyst with the MoD, Helen has followed her passion for sport by first developing a strong presence as a freelance sports writer and then launching Support through Sport UK in June 2012. Now with 600+ registered sports clubs and a team of 11+ volunteers, the charity is going from strength to strength, building a network of patrons, partners and supporters who share the same vision and passion for the positive role sport can play in everyday life.

Read more about Helen’s inspiration and the role sport can play.

Support through Sport UK is a valuable platform for families to find out about sport for all, especially for children graduating from the A-Star Sports programme and considering clubs that can offer well-matched opportunities to take part and play. As partners with a shared vision, A-Star Sports and Support through Sport UK can open up opportunities for young children and engage them in finding a sporting path that will support them throughout their lives. Learn more about Support through Sport UK.


UK Dodgeball Association

UK Dodgeball association

The UKDBA was founded in 2005 and is the national governing body for the sport. It is responsible for the development, delivery and promotion of the sport of Dodgeball throughout the UK. As one of the country’s fastest growing sports, it is played in schools, in the community and in organised leagues nationwide. As a simple, accessible and dynamic team sport, Dodgeball has something for everyone at all ages.

A-Star Sports is affiliated to the UKDBA and committed to increasing participation in Dodgeball as one of ten core sports. The A-Star Sports programme has been reviewed by the UKDBA and will continue to be updated in line with the development of the game.